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Cinema: Suicide Club

By Manuel-Hoerth

Posted: Thu Oct 13 2011 21:23:43.

Post Edited: Fri Oct 14 2011 09:00:58.

Originally from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0312843/board/nest/189698427.

For those who after watching it couldn’t figure it out

So you watched the movie and where like me and thought “What the heck”? I have to admit i haven’t figured out everything either, as i am too lazy to watch the movie multiple times myself - if i where to do that i am sure i could see even more things. But anyway i think i figured the main thing out that everyone was wondering about, namely the answer to the “what the heck is going on” -question.

Strangely nobody has actually posted it so far - instead the posts i read on here so far are actually pretty misleading like saying “it’s a Japanese thing you can’t understand it from a western perspective” or “it’s a Buddhist thing” or whatever… that’s BS. And actually that’s precisely the reason why nobody has figured it out cause we are all expecting some esoteric eastern explanation… and so we start to think much too complicated and we go offtrack. Sure it’s a Japanese movie, but have you noticed that the Japanese are actually even bigger fans of western culture than we are of eastern culture? Why else would they try to speak English all the time or have references to the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

So here goes the spoiler: Yes, it’s a cultural thing… and yes it’s true that only people with a certain cultural background can understand it. But the cultural background required is not Japanese, it’s German! To put it blunt, this movie is nothing more than a gory, modernized, Japanese version of the Pied Piper! Think about it. Watch the movie two times and you will notice it… i watched it only one time, but i am German so naturally i am familiar with the legend and noticed it on my first watch. The policeman even mentions it in the beginning. Later on you have that creepy dude who appears to be the manager or personal child molester of the “Dessert” kids (-: You see him towards the end of the movie with a black mask on his head, together with all the kids and cutting their skin away and there are tons of chickens on the floor too that at that moment actually look and squeak like rats. This creepy guy is the Pied Piper! He uses the secret code you see in the poster to lure the kids in. And only children can learn his secret code (simple because only kids would be obsessed enough with “Dessert” to actually figure the code out).

Once they have the code and use it on the door to the backstage area they are basically brainwashed into committing suicide as you can see with the girl at the end or with the policemen who is made to commit suicide. There are MANY references to the Pied Piper… probably much more than what i spotted. And just like in the Pied Piper, he first makes the children follow him using his music and his magic (in this case J-Pop and his “magic” code) then he leads the children away, and then he leads them to their death. Even the method of death is the same. in the Pied Piper he makes them jump down a cave in the hills. In “Suicide Club” he makes them jump down a school, or some other building or makes them jump down the subway… anyway they always jump down something and always collectively, just like in the Pied Piper. Also the subway itself could simply be a modernized version of the cave in the original German story. Also the subway is located just outside Tokyo just like the cave is located just outside Hamelin. Also like in the Pied Piper the adults are to blame for not watching over their children. In the Pied Piper the adults attend church and leave the kids unsupervised. In Suicide Club the police (who are also the adults and the parents) try hard to solve the case. But they don’t pay any attention to their kids and family and it’s precisely that lack of attention for their children that prevents them from actually solving the case and from protecting their children.

PS: I spotted yet another Pied Piper reference. In the Pied Piper there is one kid who is able to tell the adults about it because he is blind and crippled and so he couldn’t catch up with the others - but precisely because he is blind he couldn’t see where they went. You have the same thing in Suicide Club where the girl calling herself “the bat” tries to inform the police while being blindfolded. You can even see that she is unable to describe where she is precisely because she can’t see so that wanna be Charles Mansion types it for her. And the fact that she is put in a sack makes her move around like being crippled…

And yet another one: in the first video we see of “Dessert” when they are wearing the clothes with the numbers on them that are relevant for the secret code… those clothes consist of many brightly colored stripes (pied)… just like the colorful stripes the pied piper is wearing in the original German legend.

And yet another one: as someone already pointed out “Dessert” is sometimes spelled “Dessert” and sometimes “Desert” in the movie. So this is another hint to how the parents have deserted their children making it possible for the Pied Piper to exploit that carelessness just like he does in the original story.

And yet another one… man once you know what to look for it really never stops… i was wondering about the dates…the movie always tells you what date it is and i couldn’t figure out the significance of that. Also we are only told the day and the month - not the year. The film starts on May 26th with the subway suicides. In the original story the Pied Piper starts leading the children away on June 26th. I know it a month off, but it’s the 26th nonetheless so i don’t think it’s a coincidence.


Date: 2018-08-11

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