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Links and literature

Here follows a collection of articles, books and videos that I’d personally recommend…

…Or not! Because I believe it’s also important to cover a spectrum of literature wider than just someone’s own opinion. Many links refer to arguments and counter-arguments: I don’t necessarily agree with everything listed here. Nonetheless I believe it’s wiser to not automatically discard antagonistic opinions. They can prove instrumental in further consolidating one’s argument.

Besides, I’ve spent a significant amount of time reading books which, with hindsight, I now consider a waste of time. If sharing my opinions can help people on the same page avoid wasting their own time, then for the better!

Discussion is more than welcome!

Political science





Education and psychology

Psychology in computer programming

Social sciences and computing

Security and communication

Broken security

Free software philosophy

Decentralized Internet

Hardware and freedom

Tools and practices for hackers

Operating systems of the future

Operating system of the past: Unix

While Unix brought us lots of good ideas, I also beieve many things are wrong with Unix and more generally with the Unix philosophy. The discussion is rather complex so I won’t go into details here. Let’s keep it for a dedicated article.

Operating systems and freedom

Unix books you’d rather not read

There is much to say as to how the following seminal books have had a detrimental impact in the evolution of computer science. This discussion needs a dedicated article.

User interfaces


Programming languages

Lisp and programming language theory

Lisp literature

Common Lisp literature

Scheme literature

Racket literature

Regular expressions


Computer graphics and gaming

Book listings

Mostly around computing but not exclusively.



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