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A control-point-based perspective rectification tool


Perspector is a perspective rectification tool.

As opposed to most competitors out there (Gimp, Photoshop, Rawtherapee), this tool is not axis-based but rather control-point-based. This allows for much faster processing (in human time) while obtaining more accurate results.

It was originally created out of a need for ortho-aligning a batch of facade pictures as quickly as possible in the most convenient manner. (Understand “the less annoying”.)

The technique behind this tool is a tad more sophisticated than the usual axis-aligned version, without being revolutionary. I developed this program as I could not find such a thing anywhere. I believe it would be great to see it implemented in a tool like Gimp.


1.jpg 1-rect.jpg

See more in the gallery.


Select four control points on the picture. When processed, the picture will be transformed so that the four control points become the corners of an axis-aligned rectangle.


It should run out of the box on most Unix-based systems.

Fetch the source code and read the README file for further instructions.


Perspector is under MIT license.



Date: 2014-11-12 (Last update: 2018-08-11)

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